Schutzhund 3 Club

The qualifications to become part of the GSSCC SchH 3 club are:

1. All titles must be earned as a GSSCC Member

2. Titles must be obtained under a GSSCC, UScA or SV Judge

3. The titles of BH-VT (BH), IGP 1, 2 and 3 (IPO1, 2 and 3, SchH 1, 2 and 3) must be earned by the same handler on the same previously untitled dog

4. Trials must be hosted by a GSSCC club

5. All titles must be acquired at a GSSCC recognized and approved event

6. Only titles from the year 2004 forward will be recognized

Cost to join is $10 per dog and you will be mailed a certificated of recognition and have your name added to the list below. (please allow 6-8 weeks for shipment. If you have any questions, please contact Lee Hanrahan .





The following Dog's and Handlers have achieved the recognition within our organization, completing BH - SchH 3 

Dog Year Handler
Arkadian von Jaxhund 2019 Ashley Hammill
Askew von Tighe Haus 2019 Lee Hanrahan
Dermot vom Haus Bergblick 2019 Trish Foley
Eiko vom Beschutzer 2019 Gary Robson
Furgus von Daechsel 2019 Ken LeBlanc
Havex von der Bosenhohle 2019 Diane Carlsen
Mecburger Suka 2019 Ken LeBlanc
Miss Meeko von Winstarke 2019 Cathy Barrette
Sunshadows Thunder 2019 Dylan Powell
Xtris Azelle 2019 Isabella Oxsengendler
Yukky Manepo Ideal 2019 Kordula Juhnke
Jaxx DeJuco 2018 Hugo Paré
Kora von Sealand 2018 Helene Dugre
Sunshadows Qadira Alexia 2018 Holly Powell
Tikka von der Datschiburg 2018 Andrée Roy
Xtreame vom Felsenschloß 2017 Isabella Oxsengendler
Buffy vom Bergblick 2016 Dwynn Tomlinson
Dio's Assassin 2016 Angela Fleming
Xera vom Haus Pe-ja 2016 Kordula Juhnke
Bourk Astro 2015 Marc-André Lauzon
Elle de la Cité des Loups Gris 2015 Yvon Lévesque
Gibb'z du Bois du Luxembourg 2014 Marie Helene Develay
Gila vom Dragonhaus 2014 Christiane Benoit
Olympics Bad to the Bones 2013 Karen Brown
Cash von den Wolfen 2012 Isabella Oxsengendler
Phyre vom Patiala 2012 Lee Hanrahan
Super Neptune vom Hadar Sylp 2011 Julie Boudreau
Alon vom Adler Tal 2007 Darryl Haringsma