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The German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada (GSSCC)

Dedicated To The German Shepherd Dog – The Most Versatile Working Dog In The World


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Latest news
2015-11-18 : President's Message - November 18, 2015
On behalf of the GSSCC I would like to thank the following: Lower Mainland German Shepherd Dog Club for their generous donation to Team Canada. GSSCC member Shanon Rawlinson for her more »
2015-11-03 : Fall 2015 Capital Shepherd Sports
Shepherd Sports 2015 Fall Edition The latest issue of Shepherd Sports is now posted in the Members’ Section. This issue includes • everything you want to know about this year’s Nationals — IPO trial and show scores and standings, AGM minutes, a tribute to Canadian Champion Lance Collins and loads of photos. • an update on the Winnipeg Working Dog Club’s successful rebuilding efforts. • reports from clubs across the country. • important notices about national and international policies and procedures. more »
2015-10-28 : President's Message - October 26, 2015
On Monday, Oct. 26, the GSSCC Board of Directors unanimously approved a new policy regarding membership. This policy is effective immediately and will be brought for ratification by the membership at the 2016 Annual General Meeting. more »
2015-10-21 : President's Message - October 21, 2015
January 1 to June 30 - a new member joining will pay $115 and their membership expires in January. i.e. - New member who joins in June 2015 pays $115 and the membership expires January 1, 2016. more »
2015-10-19 : WUSV Team Captains & Judges Meeting 09/28/15
Herr Tauber said there were only two problems that occurred at the championship - one was with Ukraine and the other was with Japan. He went over the qualification requirements for WUSV World championship more »

The GSSCC and its members are committed to a standardized 4 step process to identify dogs that have the right traits to successfully perform a wide variety of tasks.

Required Traits Of The Working Dog:

- structural soundness, effective movement, fitness and strength

- courage, hardness and the will to handle adversity in a variety of forms

- persistence and determination to overcome obstacles and hardships

-  a balanced dog that is versatile and sure of character

The Process To Select and Develop Top Working Dogs

1. Training
2. Testing
3. Certification
4. Entry Into The Breeding Program

We believe that an effective way to select the kind of temperament and structure we value is to test the dogs in the sport of Schutzhund

The training and selecting breeding of dogs possessing those traits also benefit:

- Police and Military
- Service Organizations
- Search and Rescue


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